Wedding Disco Feedback from a Wedding at Offley Place Hotel

Always good to get feedback from the discos and weddings I DJ at. This as you may know from my previous blog was the first time I have played Offley Place and with it being local to me I am keen to play it again. The conservatory offered good space for a full disco setup although, on a sunny day invites people to leave to enjoy the grounds rather than stay and dance. Also the bar is not in this room which always means people leave the dance floor to refuel!

Anyway a number of people did make it to the dance floor and as reflected in the feedback those that did enjoyed themselves.

“We’d like to thank you for djing at our wedding – although we couldn’t persuade all our guests onto the dance floor, those that did make it had a great time!”

Best wishes,

If I was to suggest anything to improve this venue I would suggest a bottle bar in the conservatory if Offley Place can accommodate this. This should help maintain the atmosphere in the disco room and not give people a reason to leave and get distracted in other parts of the hotel.


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