Shendish Manor in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Shendish Manor DJI am playing at Shendish Manor tomorrow in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. I have played the venue before and this will be the third time my client has used my services for a corporate function. The venue has become extremely fussy but I have met their many demands.

I now have £5m of public liability insurance rather than £1m so if you have any other venues that require this, (not that I know of any) then I am the Mobile DJ for you!

Update 14/09/15

I have now played the venue using the venues own speaker system. The reason for this is to plug into their amp which is volume controlled. Not only that when a door is opened onto the garden and patio area the music cuts off completely. Not good if you have a lot of smokers who do not read the signs or if the air conditioning is not working well enough.

Also the sockets for their system were not securely fitted and therefore it had the potential to cut out if there was any slight movement in the cables. I recommended they look into this and have asked them to advise when they have rectified this potential risk.


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