Mobile Disco at Mentmore Golf Club, Bedfordshire

Last night I played a 6th form Christmas party at Mentmore Golf Club. I have been to the venue before however I can’t remember if I provided a mobile disco or if I just played the golf course. At least now I can be sure I have done both. I also noticed the stairs a lot more last night so maybe I hadn’t played it before!

Location-Mentmore, Bedfordshire
Travel Time – 30 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1hr.
Space for full setup? – Yes,
Smoke Machine – No
Lighting – Could be switched off or dimmed.
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in the same room as the disco, Tables around edge of dance floor
Staff – Organised and Helpful.

Other Comments – Nice venue, I positioned the mobile disco in front of the arched window directly opposite the doors to the upstairs room.

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