Hanbury Manor in Ware, Hertfordshire

In December I will be again playing Hanbury Manor in Ware, Hertfordshire . This is an excellent facility for weddings. It is a 5 star luxury Marriott hotel. Over recent years I have played this venue many times providing disco services in Poles Hall and the Garden Suite. I have put together a review from my perspective of the facilities at Hanbury Manor in Ware and the services I can provide for this special wedding venue.

Poles Hall at Hanbury Manor

Poles Hall at Hanbury Manor

Location– Ware, Hertfordshire
Travel Time –  40 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1hr.
Space for full setup? – Yes enough room for Disco service level 3 in Poles Hall an Garden Suite
Smoke Machine – Yes in the Garden Suite
Bubble Machine – Yes
Hotel Lighting – On dimmer switches can be controlled
Room turn around time from dinner to Disco –Usually 45 minutes to an hour which is the time I can setup.
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in adjacent room to Disco, Tables around edge of dance floor in Poles Hall. In the Garden Suite there is the dance floor and bar only.
Staff – Happy, Helpful and professional. The wedding planner is very organised.

The disco does not need to be setup early due to the turn around time in Poles Hall, top table is usually on the stage therefore the disco cannot be setup until this is cleared. In the Garden Suite access can be gained while guests are eating in the adjacent room.

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