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ACSUPREME Mobile Disco in Hertfordshire Update

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

So my last post was in July! Summer has been busy and I have been playing out all across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire with a disco also in Essex. I have mainly been doing weddings but have seen an increase in people having birthday parties again.

pioneer-ddj-sxWhat’s happened on the setup, I have upgraded my DJ controller to the pioneer DDJ-SX which is alot of fun and allows me many more features and effects in the mix. If you haven’t seen it have a look at this some of the cool stuff you can do is displayed here. I have been getting to grips with it at home and am now taking it out on the road with me.

I do still use my CD player though for some gigs and still love using this but have to keep up with the times and the digital age is certainly making huge strides in quality of performance now.

I’m not quite up to speed yet with the review area on my site which is run by FreeIndex. I had an email advising of some changes to the service so the disco reviews have not been updated for a while. I am still getting good feedback at discos though for my performances.

The market seems to have a number of cheap DJ’s entering if what I am hearing is correct in terms of some quotes people have received. As always though I feel you get what you pay for. With the new technology available there are some cheap controllers available now, you can even plug it into your ipad and mix using a small controller which is crazy, but not for playing out in my opinion. I think some people are starting out at this low base where as I am using top of the market controllers to make sure there is no failure on the night. The ipad does offer some software and features to suppliment equipment though and as a support item rather than a reliance it can work very well.

I am still mainly doing discos in Hertfordshire, although have picked up a few in Buckinghamshire recently and am running a quote to play a number of christmans parties in December in Chesham.

Hope to speak to you soon, and if not I hope to be the DJ at the next party you are at!








Wedding Disco Feedback from a Wedding at Offley Place Hotel

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Always good to get feedback from the discos and weddings I DJ at. This as you may know from my previous blog was the first time I have played Offley Place and with it being local to me I am keen to play it again. The conservatory offered good space for a full disco setup although, on a sunny day invites people to leave to enjoy the grounds rather than stay and dance. Also the bar is not in this room which always means people leave the dance floor to refuel!

Anyway a number of people did make it to the dance floor and as reflected in the feedback those that did enjoyed themselves.

“We’d like to thank you for djing at our wedding – although we couldn’t persuade all our guests onto the dance floor, those that did make it had a great time!”

Best wishes,

If I was to suggest anything to improve this venue I would suggest a bottle bar in the conservatory if Offley Place can accommodate this. This should help maintain the atmosphere in the disco room and not give people a reason to leave and get distracted in other parts of the hotel.


DJ at Woburn Sculpture Gallery

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

I am all setup and ready to DJ at the Sculpture Gallery in Woburn, Bedfordshire. I have the pleasure of being the sole entertainment provider tonight and hope to have the dance floor buzzing. Mid week weddings can often be a little difficult as not everyone has the next day off work and people start to slope off early. However I think a few choice tunes should keep the atmosphere high and the thought of leaving the wedding disco early will be a distant memory!



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Mobile Disco feedback for a wedding disco in Pitstone, Bedfordshire

Monday, October 1st, 2012

It’s always nice to receive feedback from clients so I know that the DJ service I have discussed with them in detail prior to the event has actually met their expectations and the mobile disco setup has also been as described.

This particular event was a wedding disco which I provided in a barn in Bedfordshire. It was a lovely day and the party went really well. Was also good to get the smoke machine out too. Not all venues allow it but when used, I feel it really helps the atmosphere.

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by

(removed) on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 21:58:45
Disco Type          : wedding
Date                : 8/9/12
Service Level       : Service Level 3 (Full)
Correspondence      : 5
DJ Friendliness     : 5
Music Choices       : 5
Sound System        : 5
Light Show          : 5
Price / Value       : 5
Would you Recommmend: Yes
Would you provide a reference: Yes
Other Feedback Comments: Fantasic. Outstanding. Well worth the money. Will be contacting him again in 3 years for my 40th. Really took some of the stress away on the big day knowing hes is a professional. We booked him to come in at midday set up then come back later in the day. I went down to meet him at 12pm on the day to make sure there were no problems. He’d allready set up and left. Everything ran like clock work. I cannot recomend Adam highly enough.


See here for more information about mobile discos in bedfordshire.

Mobile Discos in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

I have been providing mobile discos in St Albans for many years now. It is a very popular place for weddings which has been the majority of the discos I have provided. I would say the venue I have been invited to most to provide discos in St Albans is Sopwell House. The setup here is flexible in terms of size as the main room can be divided into sections. Mainly though I have been invited to play the larger functions and so have used the full room. Nice to setup early here and give the carp in the lake outside a few slices of bread.

Other discos in St Albans have been at the Thistle Hotel on the edge of St Albans. I have provided three wedding discos here in the marquee outside.

I was at St Michaels Manor in St Albans last night which is a lovely looking hotel, that’s what prompted me to write this today. It was a Chamber of Commerce networking event in the gardens of the hotel. However this is not a venue I have played yet personally. Would be nice to add it to the list of discos in St Albans that I have provided.

Not too long ago I played the Town Hall in the Centre of St Albans. This was not a wedding but a school prom which went well in this function room. I would say it was the perfect size for such an event.

A less extravagant but still nice wedding disco in St Albans was at the Quality Hotel. I did setup a level 2 disco as it was a smaller affair.

I also visited Verulam Golf Club and provided a 40th birthday disco a few years ago.

Like many places in Hertfordshire, St Albans is a great place to host your wedding or throw a party.


Wedding Discos in Hertfordshire – Getting the disco and venue right.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

I have provided many wedding discos for couples in Hertfordshire. If you have seen the other pages on my mobile disco blog then forgive me for repeating but you may be interested to know I have provided some reviews for the wedding discos in Hertfordshire that I have done.

It is important to get the disco going to consider the following points,

  • Venue Lighting
  • Location of the Disco and Bar
  • Numbers of Guests
  • Timings of Food
  • Timings of other entertainment, Fireworks, Lanterns, Speeches, Bands Etc

The lighting of the venue can have a positive or negative effect on the wedding disco atmosphere. I have done some wedding discos in Hertfordshire where the lighting cannot be dimmed suitably which does discourage people from dancing. People like to dance in the dark, or dimmed lighting.

The location of the disco will be a large factor. If you have a bar in another room or seating outside of the room with the dance floor it will be more difficult to get people onto the dance floor and out of their seats at key times such as the first dance. It is best to have some seating, but not too much in the main disco room. If you can get the bar in the main disco room also this helps as people generally congregate around this.

The number of guests is key to a good wedding disco. Too few and the night will be disjointed in terms of the flow of music as reacting to a handful of people compared to a room of dancers is completely different. A full room will mean a good rotation of dancers and a good flow as people do need to leave the dance floor to get drinks etc no matter how good the music is.

Timings of the wedding disco I can help with. It is good not to disrupt the main part of the event usually between 9:30pm and midnight. Often once the atmosphere has built on the dance floor it is the discos job to keep it there. If everyone leaves to see fireworks, or stops for a speech or food then this will often not recover quite as good as people have time to pause and their minds are then on other things. If you are unsure about disco timings I am happy to help.


Disco Feedback From Hanbury Manor

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

I provided disco services for a wedding at Hanbury Manor in Ware, Hertfordshire at the weekend. We were in the Thundridge Suite. Here is a brief but appreciative email from the client.


Thank you for providing great entertainment on Sunday night.

Sally and I and most importantly the guests all had a great time.


Wedding at Dodmoor House, Northamptonshire, Nr Daventry

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I recently played Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire. This is a superb facility for weddings, or corporate events. It is 2 converted barns which you can hold a wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast with access to the patio for summer drinks and BBQ’s. I have put together a review from my perspective of the facilities at Dodmoor House and the services I can provide for this venue.

Location– Dodmoor House, Weedon, Nr Daventy, Northamptonshire
Travel Time –  60 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1hr.
Space for full setup? – Yes,
Smoke Machine – No
Bubble Machine – Yes
Lighting – On dimmer switches can be controlled fully
Room turn around time from dinner to Disco –45mins
Noise / Sound Limiter – Yes but set loud enough
Layout – Bar in next door room to Disco, but within ear shot
Staff – Organised and Helpfull. Very good at talking to me prior to the gig on the clients behalf and making sure any paperwork and timings are 100% accurate.
Really nice well organised wedding venue!