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Wedding Disco at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Ashridge House is a place close to my heart as it was the location of my Wedding. I am therefore very familiar with the layout and having worked at weddings for years I am able to advise on what works best for this venue.

Ashridge House, Wedding Disco, DJ

Wedding DJ at Ashridge House

I booked a band for the wedding and pre mixed 3 DJ sets to play in between times. As you might imagine I was unable to trust another DJ to do as good a job as me. I setup my own DJ lighting to sit behind the band to ensure I had a full suite of disco lighting effects to help the party atmosphere.

One of the other little tips was to make sure people didn’t have a chance to wander off into other rooms. With a large venue like this it is a must to control where people are to ensure the party has the right atmosphere. One way of doing this is to provide drinks! A free bottle bar next to the dance floor is a good way of doing this. Or perhaps hire a cocktail maker to provide drinks and entertainment at the start of the night.

Its been 5 years since I was married and thinking about what a great day it is I think it would be great to go back and help another couple have the best day of their lives at this exquisite venue. The reason we originally  chose the venue was because I hadn’t DJ’d there before and had at nearly all the other top quality venues in Hertfordshire. 5 years on though I’d like to go back to Ashridge House and smash the dance floor once again, although this time do it live in the mix rather than pre-recorded.

Ashridge House DJ

Ashridge Disco

Wedding at Woburn Sculpture Gallery

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Woburn Sculpture GalleryAt the weekend I was back doing a wedding disco at Woburn Sculpture Gallery. I have done many discos there now but this one was different. They decided to add an additional dance floor at the temple end of the room and allow the band and myself as the DJ to play down the room rather than across it. I have been wanting to do this for years at the Sculpture Gallery so was excited to try it out.

Every party is different and what works for one set of guests one night can completely flop the next night so it is hard to judge the difference in the layout. However I definitely feel the night was a hit and more people danced than would have with the normal setup position. As the music was playing at the tables it felt like the whole room was more involved in the function. It also meant the lighting could remain bright at one end for the evening buffet and darker on the dance floor without and cross over. The laser light also went all the way down the room which looked really good compared to the short distance it would usually travel across the room. It also eliminated the “dead space” usually with the DJ in the middle of the room the whole temple end is wasted space and serves no purpose.



Woburn Sculpture GalleryOver all I think this change was a success and I would recommend it where possible. Although I had setup early in the day as is usual for this venue I believe you could setup later in the day if using this layout as the disturbance at the far end is minimal whilst guests are eating etc. Therefore if you did want to use the space after hosting the actual wedding in this space I believe you could with minimal disruption.

See for some pictures of the event.





Wedding Disco at Dodford Manor, Northamptonshire

Monday, March 10th, 2014

At the weekend I provided a wedding disco package at Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire. The venue is a series of converted barns and has a modern feel about it. Speaking to the manager it has been open only 2 years. This was my first time at the venue.

Location-Near Dodford, Northamptonshire
Travel Time –  50 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 45 Mins.
Space for full setup? – Yes,
Smoke Machine – No
Lighting – Could be switched off or dimmed.
Noise / Sound Limiter – Yes
Layout – Bar in a different room to the disco
Staff – Organised and Helpful.

Other Comments – Nice venue, the sound limiter is set quite low but this is due to the neighbouring houses. I did have to play a bit quieter than I usually would and it is quiet in the bar area around the corner away from the speakers. The setup was close to the door so means I can trim a little off the usual setup time.

Here are the comments from Paul who was the groom below. I also had some great comments from the guests on the night, one of which who I believe was into DJ’ing himself said “It is a refreshing change to hear a wedding DJ who can actually mix!” For those that don’t know this means I am able to blend the music together in a way that has maximum flow, minimal change of tempo and therefore the dancing continues from one track to the next as the songs I select do not jump around genres and tempos too much.

Hi Adam,

Thanks so much for last night, great job – everyone loved it!

A few sore heads today, mind you!



Berkhamsted Town Hall – Wedding Disco in Hertfordshire

Monday, August 20th, 2012

I recently provided a wedding disco at Berkhamsted Town Hall in Hertfordshire. This is not the first time I have played the venue I seem to remember maybe doing a birthday party there some years ago. Like many wedding venues in Hertfordshire it all comes flooding back to me once I turn up as there can’t be too many popular wedding venues that I haven’t played.

Location-Berkhamsted Town Centre.
Travel Time –  30 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1hr.
Space for full setup? – Yes,
Smoke Machine – No
Lighting – Could be switched off or dimmed.
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in the next room as the disco, Tables around edge of dance floor
Staff – Organised and Helpful.

Other Comments – There is a small lift to use which means the setup needs the full hour. For this particular wedding disco I setup earlier in the day so not to disturb the guests in the evening. I thought the disco sounded quite nice in this venue.