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Disco in Luton, Bedfordshire – The Strathmore Hotel

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

I recently provided a disco at The Strathmore Hotel in Luton, Bedfordshire. I have played the venue before some time ago now. Here is my updated review.

Location– Luton, Bedfordshire.
Travel Time –  15 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1.5hr. Hard work going through internal corridors and using the service lift.
Space for full setup? – Yes,
Smoke Machine – No
Lighting – Could be switched off but was a bit dark, when on though it was a bit light. Lots of guests complained, not very versitile. Was on a dimmer last time so something has changed here, or staff didn’t know how to use it.
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in same room as Disco, Tables around edge of dance floor
Staff – Organised and Helpful except for lighting difficulties.

Disco at The Strathmore Hotel – Luton

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I recently provided disco services for a wedding at the Strathmore Hotel in Luton for the first time. I have put together a review from my perspective of the facilities and the services I can provide for this wedding venue.

Location– Luton Town Centre
Travel Time –  15 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1hr 30 minutes. On second floor!
Space for full setup? – Yes enough room for Disco service level 3
Smoke Machine – No, not permitted due to fire alarms
Bubble Machine – Yes
Hotel Lighting – On dimmer switches can be controlled
Room turn around time from dinner to Disco – Minimal no break required.
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in the same room as Disco, Tables around edge of dance floor, Toilets through hallway. Kept people in the main room and maintained atmosphere.
Staff – Happy and Helpful.

The party went very well at this venue, the disco setup time is longer than usual due to the location of the main room in proximity to the loading bay. This would add an extra charge to the guideline prices. On the plus side travel time is minimal. I would also suggest setting up the disco before the wedding breakfast to minimise the gap between the meal and the evening entertainment.