Wedding Discos in Hertfordshire – Getting the disco and venue right.

I have provided many wedding discos for couples in Hertfordshire. If you have seen the other pages on my mobile disco blog then forgive me for repeating but you may be interested to know I have provided some reviews for the wedding discos in Hertfordshire that I have done.

It is important to get the disco going to consider the following points,

  • Venue Lighting
  • Location of the Disco and Bar
  • Numbers of Guests
  • Timings of Food
  • Timings of other entertainment, Fireworks, Lanterns, Speeches, Bands Etc

The lighting of the venue can have a positive or negative effect on the wedding disco atmosphere. I have done some wedding discos in Hertfordshire where the lighting cannot be dimmed suitably which does discourage people from dancing. People like to dance in the dark, or dimmed lighting.

The location of the disco will be a large factor. If you have a bar in another room or seating outside of the room with the dance floor it will be more difficult to get people onto the dance floor and out of their seats at key times such as the first dance. It is best to have some seating, but not too much in the main disco room. If you can get the bar in the main disco room also this helps as people generally congregate around this.

The number of guests is key to a good wedding disco. Too few and the night will be disjointed in terms of the flow of music as reacting to a handful of people compared to a room of dancers is completely different. A full room will mean a good rotation of dancers and a good flow as people do need to leave the dance floor to get drinks etc no matter how good the music is.

Timings of the wedding disco I can help with. It is good not to disrupt the main part of the event usually between 9:30pm and midnight. Often once the atmosphere has built on the dance floor it is the discos job to keep it there. If everyone leaves to see fireworks, or stops for a speech or food then this will often not recover quite as good as people have time to pause and their minds are then on other things. If you are unsure about disco timings I am happy to help.


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