Let it snow, let it snow…..you know the rest!

With the snow forecast and my commitment to¬†providing mobile disco services in wellingborough 50 miles away from home, what¬†did I do? Did I ruin the christmas party for the local companies of wellingborough and not go? Or did I go and worry about how to get back! Of course I went, I could never let a customer down! So I packed my extra clothing, and a duvet just in case and set off! The gig was a success and getting home wasn’t! Having rung around friends and family I was advised to get a hotel locally as the M1 was shut and cars couldn’t climb even gentle hills. So I stayed in a hotel at my own cost. Would all DJ’s have done this? I’d like to think so but probably not. So if you want to book a reliable DJ I would hope I’m number 1!



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