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Most annoying phone calls in Hertfordshire

Friday, April 26th, 2013

This blog is completely off piste in terms of promoting the disco services of acsupreme but am I the only company that gets the most annoying phone calls in Hertfordshire from people trying to sell me advertising on google? I doubt it but the amount I get is ridiculous, they surely can’t have time to phone anyone else.

Had a call like this?

Hello, can I speak to the owner of the business?

How are you today? Here you are meant to say fine thank you, I find stressed is a suitable alternative, not sure that is on the script but they power through anyway!

Have you heard of Google?

How would you like to feature on the front page for 5 key terms?

Basically how it works is you give us £99 and we buy adwords if you are lucky at a cheaper than retail rate for long key terms and think we are wonderful, how does that sound?

Or you get, how is your advertising on (replace with any online directory) doing for you?

Could it be better? You are meant to answer yes it could be better by the way, if you say it’s superb I couldn’t cope with any more enquiries from this fantastic site they are kinda stumped!

I find that the most annoying phone calls in Hertfordshire are quite persistent and although I explain to them I will never require their services the calls continue often from the same companies and even the same staff. Staff turnover is extremely high in this business it seems if you ask how long the people have worked for the most annoying phone calls in Hertfordshire company the answer is usually a week or two, month at best.

The simple result is to make them do their research, if they have found your business to call you the chances are you are featured on google, (They don’t even check). Know the key terms you feature for using google analytics or your own research and ask them to try them. Illustrate you are on the front page and they will leave you alone for a week or two at best!

Think I’ll start to list the most annoying phone calls in Hertfordshire and see if that has any effect on their volume! Call me now to feature here, I know I can expect you any minute!

Anyway rant over, if you need a disco I am more than happy to help if I can.