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Irogen Toby Robot – Review

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

I recently ordered a Toby Robot from Irogen. Originally it was through Living Social but after waiting 6 weeks for delivery I found out that Irogen could not honour the agreement so Living Social refunded my money. I had called Irogen and they gave a different excuse but said I could have one direct at the same price. I bought it even though it was more expensive once adding the postage costs!

I have since been waiting 5 weeks more since my second order for delivery. I have been quite fair in giving the company a chance to respond, they told me 2 weeks ago the goods were stuck with customs but they do not keep me up to date regularly and have only offered me more expensive alternative products.

I hope the goods will arrive and I can change my opinion of Irogen, at this stage though I would not recommend Irogen to friends.