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Thank you note from wedding at Three Lakes, Ware.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for the music last Thursday it was brilliant, everyone really enjoyed themselves.

 I’m sorry we didn’t give you much attention, the usual events manager at Three Lakes was off sick and we were chasing up her replacement for most things. The usual manager had promised to keep you fed and watered so I hope you got something to eat and drink, it only crossed my mind afterwards.

I have attached a couple of the photos taken on the night.

Thanks again

Mark & Helen

Disco Setup at 3 lakes in Ware
Disco Setup at 3 lakes in Ware

DJ setup 2 at 3 lakes in Ware


Wedding at Woburn Safari Lodge

Monday, August 16th, 2010

At the weekend I played Woburn Safari Lodge at Woburn Safari Park. This is a nice facility for weddings, birthdays or anniversary’s. I have put together a review from my perspective of the facilities at Woburn and the services I can provide for this venue.

Location– Woburn, in the Safari Park
Travel Time –  25 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 50 mins.
Space for full setup? – Yes enough room for Disco service level 3
Smoke Machine – Yes
Bubble Machine – Yes
Lighting – On dimmer switches can be controlled fully
Room turn around time from dinner to Disco –Usually 30 – 45 minutes which is the time I can setup.
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in same room as the Disco, Tables at the end of the room.
Staff – Happy, Helpful and professional.
There were a number of play facilities available such as swan boats and a bouncy castle for the kids. Overall a good family venue.